A Novel One-stage Distributed Parallel Embedding for Virtualized Network Environment

Published in SMC2020 Conference, 2020

Abstract: Network virtualization recognized as an enabling technology for the forthcoming networks is utterly popular. One of the main challenges of network virtualization is called the virtual network embedding problem. Virtual network embedding (VNE) aims to allocate a set of virtual machines onto a set of interconnected physical hardware in the cloud computing environment. Traditional exact solutions, considered as a time-consuming process to achieve a global optimal solution, have been proofed to be NP-hard. On the other hand, some existing heuristic solutions tend to decouple VNE problems into two stages: virtual node mapping (VNoM) and virtual link mapping (VLiM). Undoubtedly, these kinds of decomposition would result in low acceptance ratio and inefficient substrate resource utilization. In this paper, we propose a distributed parallel Genetic Algorithm combined with graph theory for solving VNE in one-stage. Our proposed algorithm achieves better performance than previous baseline solutions while meeting the stringent time requirements for online VNE problems.

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Recommended citation: Q. Lu, K. T. Nguyen and C. Huang, “A Novel One-stage Distributed Parallel Embedding for Virtualized Network Environment,” 2020 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), Toronto, ON, 2020, pp. 395-400, doi: 10.1109/SMC42975.2020.9282829.